Leaves in Autumn

"Leaves in Autumn" (Original title: "Blätter im Herbst") is a short feature film about dementia by Niko Mylonas and the Creative Community. Hans Ebner lives alone in an old house, and his daughter Elena cares for him. It becomes increasingly more difficult for her to cope with her father…

The film shows the progress of the disease in a sensitive and humorous way, which makes it a film for everyone, and not just for affected persons concerned.


Hans Ebner ... Kurt Sternik
Elena Ebner ... Anna Elsässer

In collaboration with “Haus der Generationen” and Café Ellensohn in Götzis, also the Nursing school (Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegeschule) in Feldkirch, and the Senior theatre group (Seniorentheatergruppe) “Silberfäden” in Nenzing.