Leave the world better ...

… than we found it before. For me that is more than a saying. For many years I've tried with the best of my possibilities to help – with pictures showing emotion. As a result, a range of documentaries have been produced in Albania and Brasil. Through these films, relief agencies have been able to optimise the presentation of their projects, therefore attracting donations.

At this point I would especially like to mention the documentary about child labour in Brasil. The organisation MOC rescues the children from these situations and make it possible for them to get an education. The government there wanted to cut sponsorship for this project. However, after seeing the documentary and the importance of the project, the president decided to support it. The result of this being that an extra 100,000 (one hundred thousand!) children could be rescued.

That showed me, that it really pays off to become socially engaged.

Dreharbeiten in Brasilien